A few reasons why you should study in Manchester

International students play a very important role in the University of Manchester, the population of the university rising to 160 countries. If you are thinking about applying here at university, but you have not visited the place yet, then you may want to know why you should choose the Rainy City. If you choose Manchester, you will put yourself ahead of the competition when the times comes to begin your career. Courses are built keeping in mind employability and it is really no surprise that about 94 percent of graduates go into jobs or further education. So, you should start looking for student accommodation Manchester because there will be no more places left. Other the fact that the Rainy City is a great place to study, it is one of Britain’s most popular destinations.

Why exactly Manchester University?

The truth is that Manchester University is one of the most searched universities in the UK. If you choose to study at Manchester, you will gain a passport for a successful life and career. You will immediately develop skills, experience and knowledge that will make your employers want to sit up and listen. The research activity at university is unrivalled in the UK owing to the fact that teachers work across disciplines and beyond the university so as to connect bright minds with innovative solutions. The fact is that you cannot find a better place to begin your life’s work.

Opportunities of learning another foreign language

Taking into consideration that the Rainy City welcomes students from over 160 countries, there are countless opportunities of learning another language. You can learn a foreign language while focusing on your degree. So, if you want to learn Mandarin Chinese before your graduate to increase your possibilities on the job market, you can. International students are more than willing to assist you with private tutoring. If you choose to share accommodation, then you will get the chance to live with people from different nationalities like Nigeria, North America, Hong Kong or Pakistan.


Manchester is one of the cheapest cities in the UK, having the lowest living costs for students. For the average weekly rent, you will not pay more than £75, which is significantly lower compared to London where the weekly rent is £110. Socialising is affordable as well. For instance, a pint of beer costs around £1.70 in student bars. From shopping to culture, everything is affordable and it is almost impossible to get tired of the city.

The sport

Manchester is famous for its two powerful Premier League clubs: United and City. Just imagine that you will have the opportunity to watch Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Aguero play live, not to mention that you can enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the stadium. Nonetheless, it is not all about the football here. The legacy of the Commonwealth games has left behind world-class facilities like the Regional Athletics Arena or the Velodrome. You can make the most of these places to avoid the dreaded late night takeaways.