Albert Einstein Quotes on Education

Albert Einstein was one of the most important scientists of the 20th century; he is mostly known for having discovered the Theory of Relativity, but in reality he contributed to numerous other discoveries and inventions as well. Nevertheless, he has become a symbol of knowledge, almost a Pop icon in that sense. For these and many other reasons, his name is sometimes used in connection with education, and there are numerous Albert Einstein quotes on education meant to inspire and motivate people into believing in themselves and fighting for their achievements.

In what follows we are going to discuss a few Einstein education quotes and try to find their meanings and see how we could apply them to our lives. Education quotes can be very important, and they can help us get back on the right track when things seem confusing or pessimistic. For example, there is one quote by Einstein which says that the people who’ve never made a mistake are those who never wanted to try anything new. What he is trying to convey here is that you have to take risks in life, otherwise you will stagnate and nothing new will ever come. There was another saying, with anonymous origins, that said something like “you can’t lose if you don’t play the game”; this strategy may function from time to time, but in the game of life, risking and exploring the unknown is what defines us as humans. So whenever you have doubts about something, you should know that action is always better than in-action, and that it is better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do.

Another one of the most interesting Albert Einstein education quotes says that experience is the sole source of knowledge; the phrasing may be a bit absolutist, but it has a point. While education can come from books, or from lessons others teach us, the best knowledge is always one in which you are involved directly. Living a lesson will have a much greater impact in forming our characters, and what we learn in school is by far not everything we need in order to get on in life. Because life is made to be experienced and explored, whereas theory can be manipulated, it can be turned this way or the other, interpreted and modified.

There are a lot of Einstein education quotes, and they usually convey the same message: trust your instincts and never stop thinking, questioning and analyzing the world that surrounds you. He encourages people to trust their own passions and curiosity. One of his most famous quotes is the one where he said that education was the only thing interfering with his education. You have to know when to take everything seriously and when not to, and this is clearly one of the cases where the physicist uses irony in order to make a point. The amusing part is that the phrase was spoken by a scientist, meaning a person who has to study a lot in order to get where they are; but what he is truly saying is that after this part of the education has finished, you have to start using your own brain, otherwise you’ll go on just thinking what others have thought before you.

Einstein encourages us to follow our own patterns of thought, without too much regard for existing theories and opinions, and only this way we will be able to create something of value, something all of us can benefit from.