Barack Obama Quotes on Education

Barack Obama, the current President of the United States, now on his second term in the Oval Office, is one of the presidents whose campaigns have focused a lot on education, and on improving the education system in America. Obama is not only concerned with making education accessible for all the citizens of America, but with making higher education a viable option for as many youths as possible. One of the steps taken to achieve this is the establishment of a college tax credit which should increase chances of going into higher education for a lot more people. Today we are going to take a closer look at his views concerning education by analyzing some Barack Obama quotes on education.

These Obama quotes on education are usually taken from his electoral campaigns or his public speeches, such as the one where he says that change will not come if we rely on another person or another time to come and make those changes. The quote goes on saying that we have to be that change, we are those people we’ve been waiting for, and we can achieve those changes we have been longing for. This kind of motivational speech may not be so grounded in reality, but it can inspire us to take action and try more than we have. And although the speech is a bit too optimistic, it does speak to some truths that we could turn into practice. But for that to happen, mentalities have to change, we have to be more willing to take chances, to fight for what we believe in and to work towards a better society for all.

The great thing about the Barack Obama quotes on education is that they speak to our immediate reality; it’s one thing to read Socrates and adapting his truths to the now, but a different thing altogether to have the president of the most powerful nation attacking those exact subjects which pain our society today. One of his most impressive quotes talks about the ambition to making money; Obama says that this is a rather poor ambition, a limiting aspiration, because it prevents us from reaching our true potential. We should focus on a different kind of change and improvement, we should seek those things that help us and our peers on the long term.

Whether Barack Obama’s speeches and actions will bring about the change we want remains to be seen; what we do know is that speaking out loud is still more important than shutting up; words have great impact over our world, and they can change it according to our vision. Things will never change the way you want them to unless you do something about it; waiting for someone else to do it won’t amount to anything, and it is much better to be that change yourself, rather than accepting the change as it comes.