Fun and Exciting Middle School PE Games

In middle school, children are at an age when they’re brimming with energy, so their minds and bodies have to be stimulated and guided in the right direction. The physical education class can be very important at this age, because it provides them with some skills that will come in handy throughout their lives; PE is not just about keeping the children fit and instilling a love of sports and activity in them, but about teaching them the importance of team work as well, about competition, or about reacting in these two circumstances. If you keep reading, we have prepared a few middle school PE games that teachers and even parents can teach their children.

Freeze Tag!

This is one of the classical middle school PE games, and we’ve all played it as children. In order to play it properly, there need to be at least six children available, which is why it is ideal for the school. It is best to play this game outdoors, so the children have enough room to run around; just make sure they have a safe environment and they can be supervised. If there are too many children, divide them into two groups and organize two games. One of the children in the game has to be “It”; he or she has to run around trying to catch the other children which, when touched, freeze. They can only be un-freezed by other players, or when the game is over. If there is one child who has managed to stay unfrozen during the game, they become “it” on the next one. You can start up a number of variations on this game, thus getting the most out of it.

Kick the Can

Many of these middle school PE games we played ourselves when we were little, and it is important to keep the tradition going and teach our children about them as well. For this game, you need to divide the kids into two competing teams; one of them represents the kickers, and the other one, the taggers. Choose a safe area for the game and set up some limits, so they don’t have to run large areas. The kickers’ job is to kick the can, which ca be any type of tin can you find. The taggers (or chasers) have to protect the can, by tagging the opposite team; the kicker who has been tagged is out of the game for one round (if there are more). When the can has been kicked, the game is won by the kickers; if the chasers manage to protect the can by tagging all their opponents or just chasing them away from the can, they are the winners. Establish a fixed time as well, so odds can be favorable for both teams.

Green Light, Red Light

For this game, you will need at least three players, and a safe environment for running around as well; one of the players has to be “it”. Place “it” at a distance from the other players, at least 15 feet; he or she has to stand with their backs to the other players, whose job is to try and tag “it”. When everyone is in position, “it” shouts “green light” and the other children can start running towards him, trying to touch him. At any moment, “it” can shout red light, at which the players have to freeze; if “it” catches anyone of them still moving, that person has to go back to the starting line. As the players approach, the main goal of the person playing “it” has to shorten “green light” periods and prolong “red light” periods in order to increase his/her chances of catching a player moving and sending them back to the starting line.

As you can see, these middle school PE games are fun and dynamic, they are thrilling for the children and teach them a number of skills. Played at school, at children’s parties or in the backyard, they will entertain the kids for hours and spend their energy positively.