Halloween School Activity Ideas

Halloween is a great opportunity for teachers to organize fun activities designed to entertain and teach students new things in interesting ways. Here are some of the most popular and loved Halloween school activities that require the attention and dedication of students of all ages.

A Halloween party

The Halloween party is an idea that students of all ages will appreciate and they will be excited to choose their costumes. To avoid any misunderstanding and any discriminatory or racist situation, teachers can talk in class about the costumes that are considered inappropriate and must be avoided at school. Furthermore, they can set a theme that students have to follow when choosing their costume so that there will be no conflictual situation at the party. For costume themes, you can find some great inspiration on the greathalloweencostume.com website, which features numerous group costume ideas.


Elementary schools often organize Trick-or-Treats with their students where teachers gather the kids and go through the neighborhood to collect candy. The little ones love the idea and parents have the peace of mind that their children are being supervised by a responsible adult instead of wandering on the streets by themselves.

Halloween quiz

Many schools organize a Halloween quiz consisting of questions on the history of Halloween and the legends that surround this festivity. Teachers create selections of questions and students form groups that will answer the questions about Dracula, witches, zombies and other creatures related to Halloween. Besides the fun part, his activity enhances the history knowledge of students who get to learn more about the origins of Halloween.

Make a Halloween movie up

Another great idea is a contest that requires kids to make up a movie scenario related to Halloween which is a great way of encouraging their imagination. They get to test their script-writing skills and to show their imagination and narrating abilities. The best movie idea can get to be played at the school theater and the writer can also get a prize for their work.

Carve a pumpkin

A pumpkin-carving contest is often organized in schools to allow students to show their artistic skills, although this is an activity that implies older students who can safely handle a carving knife. Teachers can ask students to bring to school a pumpkin that they can carve as they like and then use the pumpkins as Halloween decorations for the classroom.

Handmade Halloween decorations

Besides pumpkins, there are other interesting and easy to make Halloween decorations and teachers can organize a class where students can make their own decorations from ordinary objects. This is an excellent activity for art class because children can learn how to create beautiful handmade decorations that cost very little.