How Important is Elementary School Graduation?

Elementary school is more or less the first stage of institutional education that we receive, and it is at least the first one that counts. It represents the first seven to eight years of school depending on state or country. After elementary school graduation, children are supposed to go to high school, which in turn prepares them for college and beyond. But how important is graduation for elementary school? When we bring the subject in discussion, we mean the importance that schools and parents have set on it in the past years, by celebrating this event like it were high school or even college graduation. Is this event that important that it requires full robe ceremonies and parties?

Many people are of the opinion that elementary school graduation is celebrated more than it should, and that by doing that it rewards children more than it should. The tradition of making ceremonies and parties for the elementary school as well, generally began at the schools’ attempts to involve parents more at this stage of their children’s education. Because levels of study and graduation were declining, schools thought the parents would prevent this if they were more aware of their children’s achievements and if they realized the importance of elementary school. All this is fine and acceptable, but some feel that through this, the children are taught that they need to be rewarded for every stage in their lives and for every achievement.

It is true that elementary school graduation should be celebrated; it is an important passing for both children and parents, it is and ending and a new beginning. The children will move on to new classes or new schools, and their status is society is changed; transitions like these should be observed, but in countries like America, this has been blown out of proportion. The graduation events and parties that are organized for elementary school are so professional and advanced, so expensive and elaborate that it raises questions about the values we teach our children.

It’s one thing to play some music, bring some cakes and make a party for the children, but a totally different matter to hire caterers, DJs, special locations and outfits for an elementary school graduation. There now seems to be an entire industry behind these parties, and there is a fierce competition for who made the best party, who had the best fun and who made the most ingenious party favors. What happened to the times when we just remembered important events in our lives, when we celebrated them on the inside, and not on the outside? What can the children learn if they receive everything they need and more from such an early age and what kind of lifestyle are we preparing them for?

All these questions and more make the subject a complicated one; suffice to say that parents and schools need to be more responsible and realize when the children really need to be rewarded and when they’re just being spoiled and given false expectations of life.