Motivational Physical Education Quotes

Physical education is a very important part of every child’s education, because it is part of the values we have to learn and adopt at an early age. Thus, they become part of us as adults and make us much better people both physically and mentally. In this article we want to talk a bit about physical education quotes and how they can be important for teachers and students; they can not only motivate us, but inspire us as well. Healthy competition is always welcome, because it encourages the children to test their own limits and teaches them how to collaborate and work in a team. Sometimes however, it can be difficult to explain to a child why physical education is important for them.

This is where physical education quotes become vital, because they can help parents and teaches in making evident the advantages that a dynamic lifestyle can bring. Although these quotes may say things that you as an adult know as well, and which you could tell a child too, they can be more effective due to the way they are said, but thanks to their provenance as well. Take for example this quote by former American president John F. Kennedy; in it, he said that intelligence and deftness can be used at their best when our bodies and healthy.

Basically, this is a reiteration of the famous “mens sana in corpore sano” Greek quote which means healthy mind in a healthy body. You can explain to the students that science has taught us how this quote is actually more true than we think; an unhealthy body means a weak mind because every function in the body is weakened so the ill parts can get attention. A sedentary life can lead to mental disorders as well, like depression or anxiety; sports and exercise on the other hand release endorphins in our body, a substance which has to do with pleasure in the brain. Physical education quotes can also help us understand more things about life and ourselves, and practicing sports can help instill certain values that help us throughout life.

One of the best physical education quotes was given by Steve Bartkowski, a former NFL quarterback, when he said that if you don’t stand for something, you can fall for anything. The nice play on words can be interpreted in several ways, but what it basically says is that sports can educate the mind as well; a strict exercise regimen for example, can test your patience and nerves, but if you don’t give up and wait for the results to show, the reward will be much greater than you would have expected. Many other quotes like these, from important historic figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Henry Brooke Adams, Henry Ford or Muhammad Ali will make it clear why an education of the body is just as important as an education of the mind.