Things you should know when you rent as a student

A great number of first time students move from the family homes into rented accommodation. Not everyone is lucky enough to spend his first years in the halls of university and they have to face the private rental sector. Private renting is the most popular form of student accommodation owing to the fact that it allows students to live independently without supervision. Living in a privately rented property can be appealing as it will enable you to decide where you live and with whom. However, if you are new to the rental market as a student or if you are a first time renter, there are a couple of things that you should know about renting student accommodation Leicester.

The property

Taking into consideration that you will be spending a lot of time at the property and that you will be paying for it, it is useful to make a checklist when you go view the property. You should make sure that you have all you need, such as appliances, or facilities, like toilets, showers. It is important to make sure that there are no signs of dampness and mould. In order to determine if the property is clean, you should look in places that are often overlooked, such as the oven or the cooker hoods. In addition, it is important to get reference from current tenants. Try to speak to the current tenants about the landlord and try to get a clear picture about how it is to live in the property.

Your rights

You have rights that are guaranteed by the law and that cannot be overridden by a private contract. Your dwelling should be sound both internally and externally and not defective as the result of dampness. In addition, all rental facilities must have a water closet together with a fixed bath or shower, not to mention that all rooms must contain fixed appliance that is capable of providing effective heating. Habitable rooms must also contain natural and artificial lighting, adequate ventilation and the installations in the house for electricity and gas should be in a safe working order. These are only a few of the minimal standards.

The contract

It is essential that you read the leasing agreement before you sign it so as to be aware of the length of the agreement, how and when you are expected to pay the rent and whether you have included heating, electricity, bin charges, etc. your parents will be asked to act as legal guarantors and accept legal and financial responsibility. The guarantor can also be a close relative, basically anyone who agrees to pay your rent if you do not pay it. What your landlord can do is take legal action and recover the unpaid rent from your guarantor.

Your own responsibilities

Your most important responsibility is to pay the rent on time and to maintain the property in good condition. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that if you have an anti-social behaviour, then you will suffer the consequences. More precisely, should you cause injury, damage, threat or harass people in your vicinity, your tenancy can be terminated and this issue will seriously affect your future as a tenant. So make sure to act in a manner that is acceptable.