What do you actually learn in acting school?

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an actor, taking some classes is an absolute must. Even though you may think that is all about the talent and you have what it takes to play your parts perfectly, you will be surprised to see how much your acting skills improve after taking such a class and how easier it will be to be chosen for various roles. The beginning of anyone’s acting career is usually very difficult, so if you want to have the chance to play those big roles you have been dreaming of, acting school will definitely help you.

What do you actually learn in acting school


Diction is extremely important in acting. Have you ever noticed how you cannot tell when actors do certain accents and you are always surprised to discover that they are actually British or Australian? This is where a linguistics class helps the most. In addition, it is not just about masking accents, it is about learning how to speak clearly in front of an audient or in front of the camera.


Acting technique

Much like any other form of art, there are various acting techniques as well. At an ecole d’acteur students learn how to immerse themselves into each character by using past experiences. Even though this may sound easy, it does take a lot of work and practice. There are many books written on this subject and an acting class will teach anyone how to express themselves better and how to make their characters more believable.


Basic stage production

You are an actor, what do you care about production, right? Wrong! Being involved in a play or a movie, also means understanding the logistics behind production. This is what will make you a real pro and an easy-to-work-with person. During this class you will learn about lighting, sound, costumes, where you should stand or go during a performance and many other things. While you will not go into details, you will still learn something about every aspect and thus gain perspective over everything.


Script analysis

This will be a lot like any Literature course, only the emphasis will be on scripts rather than on various books. You will learn how to interpret the context, the history and anything else that might be in your script. You will start looking at scripts with different eyes and you will become a much better actor in the process.


All in all, there are a lot of things they teach in an acting school, so those who have their hearts set on becoming actors should definitely take a few courses. All famous actors have taken acting classes at the beginning of their career and there are very few who can say that they have made it to where they are without any theoretical knowledge about this industry. You will love the time spent in acting school and make friends for life, not to mention that you could even make some amazing connections that will help you later in your career.