4 things you should know about teaching in UAE

The United Arab Emirates as developed in many ways, especially in terms of popularity. The country attracts teachers from all around the world owing to its high concentration of career prospects. The UAE pays the healthiest waged to people teaching English abroad. You will find numerous teaching jobs uae, but the competition is very high. Additionally, it takes around a couple of weeks to adjust into a new country and school taking into consideration that it is necessary to understand the local culture and the students. If you are planning on coming for a couple of weeks, then you should become aware of the following things.

You have to get your documents attested

The United Arab Emirates will expect you to have a teaching qualification from the same country as the curriculum where your job is. Consequently, you will have to get all your documents and transcripts attested. The cost of attestation are not supported by the school.  Equally important is that in the Middle East you have to get formal security clearance from the Immigration Department, which will give you an entry permit and of course residence. In order to get clearance to work in the UAE, you will have to present your documents to the Ministry.

You have to handle parents

As a teacher, you will inevitably deal with parents, so you will have to have a great deal of parents. What you should know about the Middle East is the fact that parents take a keen interest in the education of their children owing to the fact that they want the very best for them. Therefore, you should involve the parents in the teaching process, in other words you should inform them about the techniques you are using to improve their child’s performance. As long as you do this, you will be highly appreciated by the parents.

You have to handle the education budget

If you move together with your family, you will have to send your children to private school, where the fees range considerably. Institutions and schools generally provide a fixed sum of money for the education of students, sum which you should take and divide by the number of children that you have. You will have to determine if this sum will cover the costs of the schools that you would like your children to attend. If the answer is no, then you will have to dig deep into your pocket.

You have to behave in a certain way

Surprising or not, the UAE has legal and cultural constraints on what is regarded as being acceptable behaviour. Public display of affection is not accepted, neither is all clothing. So, you should avoid shaking hands with the opposite gender if they do not offer to shake hands first. With regards to clothing, women should avoid short skirts and low necklines, while men should dress modestly.