Best School Video Surveillance Systems

With the increasing number of violent incidents in schools, the matter of installing video surveillance systems should become a priority as these systems can reduce the number of attacks and vandalism and can discourage students from getting into fights and creating troubles at schools. Some schools have already installed security cameras in the hallways, in the classrooms, and in the parking lots and the violent incidents have started to decrease. The following video surveillance systems include features and technologies that can help the school guardians control the students and the incidents in schools.

Amcrest 960H 16CH 1TB Security Camera System

This efficient surveillance camera system includes a powerful DVR that can connect to up to 16 high-resolution cameras that will assure maximum coverage on a wide area. Installed in school campuses, this video security system can record videos and images of a high quality that will assure easy detection of threats. The system can record in Widescreen and the images can be accessed from a distance due to the Remote Viewing feature. The DVR comes with a preinstalled 1TB hard drive that can store about 6 days of continuous recording at the highest resolution. The memory can be enhanced due to the motion detection feature that only activates the recording when it senses movement.

Zosi 8Channel H.264 Surveillance System

For maximum security both inside and outside the school, this surveillance system comes with a weatherproof housing that makes it suitable for any weather and temperature. The DVR is an 8-channel unit that can hold 8 high-resolution cameras that deliver sharp images and video footage. The system features night vision due to the infrared cameras that can record in plain dark and the motion sensor allows the cameras to record when they sense activity. The unit comes with a 500GB hard drive for footage storage, but the memory can be enlarged by storing the data over the Internet, which also allows remote monitoring.

Annke 8CH 960H Security Camera System

This surveillance camera connects to 8 high-resolution cameras that can capture clear images and videos that will later be stored on the 1 TB hard drive. The cameras include a superior night vision feature that detects possible threats at distances up to 85 ft while the advanced motion detection sends an email alert in case any suspicious motion is detected. The innovative P2P Easy Network Setup allows you to install and operate the system in only a few minutes and the video footage can be accessed through smartphone or PC due to the Remote Access feature. The images can be watched at high-resolution thanks to the HDMI port incorporated in the DVR.