Can summer camps for girls be educative?

Your girl got bored last summer and you are afraid that this year it is going to happen the same? Well, we have a good suggestion for you! Try to send her in a summer camp, with other girls and you will see that she will love it. And here they are some things that will have to take into consideration.

Some confessions from mothers who sent their girls in summer camps before – the idea of non-formal education


We talked with some women who said that their girls enjoyed the summer camp experience and here they are some things that they said:


Girls who go in summer camps have the chance to become more independent and even handy, due to the fact they do a lot of activities that help her develop their skills. Therefore, if you feel like your girl spends too much time around you and you want her to be more independent when it comes to taking a decision, you should let her join a summer camp. And if you do not know any, here there is a good suggestion:


What is more, summer camps can be regarded as some educative experiences too, due to the fact that your girl will have the chance to socialise with persons who come from all parts of the world. For example, if she makes an Italian friend, maybe she will become interested in learning something about this country and culture. Moreover, the organisers of summer camp not only use physical activities for making the camp experience more pleasant, but they also appeal to activities such as reading, telling stories, singing, painting and more.


The mothers of the girls who went in summer camps claimed that they also managed to have a healthier life. Therefore, if you are afraid that your girl eats too many sweets which are not healthy for her body, you should send her in a summer camp. Summer camps are located somewhere in the middle of nature and she will not be able to buy sweets. Also, the other mother advise you the check the menus. If your girl has an allergy or something, the organisers should know.

Tips for mothers that are going to send their daughters in a summer camp:


  • Teach your daughter how to avoid conflicts. Due to the fact that some girls can be mean, teach your girl to act like a lady and manage the whole situation with dignity.
  • Call her from time to time, in order to make sure that everything is fine, but do not exaggerate. Let her feel free and enjoy the whole experience. Also, ask for the telephone number of one of the organisers in case something happens to your girl’s telephone.
  • If your girl is too shy as to go alone in a camp, let her take a friend or her favourite teddy bear.
  • Let her pack her things, but do not forget to include there a jacket for cold nights.
  • Ask organisers to show you some pictures from the place where your girl is going to be accommodated or check the website of the camp. The most important aspect when it comes to an accommodation place is that it should be clean.