Interesting Courses that Boost Employment Chances


If you have some room in your schedule for an extra course or two, make sure to choose those with a potential to help you in the future, not those with “easy A” potential. While the “easy A” course will certainly be easy to finish and not a hassle at all, you want to make sure that you invest in your future, if you’re already investing generous amounts of money in your education. Boost your job prospects by including some of the following courses into your schedule.


Those who want to offer their careers a boost, but also want to learn how to manage their finances in a more effective way, can consider enrolling into a finance course. A sturdy foundation for your accounting abilities, these courses will make a real difference when it comes to your employment prospects. Besides, you will receive the financial education that most of your colleagues’ lack at that age. Being able to manage your own budget in an effective fashion or having sturdy notions on investments will be valuable pieces of information in the future. While you wouldn’t think about investing at 20-something, this is a huge mistake. The sooner you start, the better.

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

The scientific field is evolving fast. Theoretical and applied mechanics is a course that grew in popularity over the past few years. It includes an array of interesting and high-potential research topics. From fundamental development and analysis of mechanical and mathematical models to complex system networks, planetary rings and fracture mechanics, these will all be part of your theoretical and applied mechanics course. If you worry about getting your homework and research papers done, fear no more. Online resources like TAM 212 support materials and exercise examples will help you learn faster and easier.


Overlooking the importance of writing is easy. However, as a grad student, you will need to write plenty of things throughout the years, not only related to college. Knowing how to write a marketing plan, a business plan, copy for your web design job or create a teaching plan for a teaching part-time job will make you highly employable in the eye of HR personnel. Even if your major has nothing to do with writing, take a writing class if you have the opportunity.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that you want to develop early. You might dread taking a speech class, you may identify public speaking as your biggest fear, but it will help you in the future.

Throughout your career, you might be faced with the necessity of speaking publicly. You will need to make a presentation, to speak to an audience. Being fully prepared for such instances comes as a big advantage and potential employers surely appreciate having someone with public speaking abilities in their team.

These are some courses you should look forward to taking during college. While not all will be easy to approach and tackle, they will boost your employment chances quite a lot.