Moving into a college dorm-best tips to keep in mind

Most people say that the student years are the best period of time as they are fun and exciting, filled with constant newness such as experiences and new people whom you meet and connect with. Moving into a college dorm is definitely a fun thing to do as a student because you get the chance to live together with people who are the same age as you are and with whom you can create amazing friendships and have fun together. However, it is also a stressing process for which you need to be extremely organized in order to make sure that you do not forget about any important detail such as an essential item which you did not pack

Pack everything with labels

Moving into a college dorm means that there are going to be numerous things which you are going to have to pack and bring with you. From the most basic items which you use on a daily basis such as clothes, shoes, and essentials, to things which you are going to use for your studies such as books, laptop, and gadgets.  In order to make the moving process easier, you need to make sure that you pack everything smartly. Apart from making sure that you pack the fragile items accordingly so that they do not break or damage during the moving process, you should also pack the things which you are going to take with you on categories and label the boxes so that you do not forget what is where.

Clean before you start to unpack

You should be aware of the fact that there have been numerous other students who have lived in the college room where you are going to stay from now on. College rooms are not exactly the most hygienic places. So, before you start to unpack the items which you have brought from home with you, a general cleanup of the room is a must. Also, you should consider looking for self-storage Winnipeg where you can safely store your packs until you finish cleaning every corner of the college room perfectly. After you are done cleaning the room, you need to unpack all your belongings and organize them wisely in the dorm room to make it feel like home.  

Bring a gift to your future roommate

When you are moving into a college dorm, you will most likely share your room with another student. Bringing a gift to your future roommate is not only a sign of good manners to bring something as a present when you are meeting someone new, but it can also help you to bond with him or her faster and start a friendship which is extremely important while living in a college dorm, especially since from now on you are going to live and share numerous moments together.

Make it feel like home

Since your college room will be your home from now on, you need to make sure that after you finish unpacking and organizing all your belongings that you make it feel like home. Decorate it with familiar things which give you a good mood such as photo frames with pictures of your loved ones, plants, or colorful decorations.