The Best Education Quotes

Reading education quotes is not as unnecessary as some might think; in fact, reading quotes of all kinds can provide much needed inspiration and motivation for people, and it can help focus them on what’s important. Quotes are meant to remind us of the important things in life, and they are essential truths from some of the best thinkers in universal culture. The best thing we as people can do is learn from each other, and understand that education is a never-ending process lasting throughout our lives. In order to exemplify things, we have chosen some of the best education quotes, and they will reveal their importance through their meanings.

In order to find the best education quotes, we have to look for the best intellectuals in our history; they are usually found among the writers, artists and scientists that have lived. People like Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein or Mark Twain are famous not only for their writings and achievements, but for their bits and pieces of wisdom as well. Their quotes on life and education show us that while the world constantly changes around us, our experiences and struggles remain much the same; whether you lived in the 19th century or in the 20th, you’ve faced the same problems as a person, and sharing your experiences with others ensures our evolution.

For example, one of the best education quotes we have comes to us from 2000 years ago, from Greek philosopher Aristotle. The quote says that an educated mind is able to entertain a thought without necessarily agreeing to it; by this, he meant that intelligent, educated people can accept and listen to different opinions and ideas as well, without fearing contradiction. On the contrary, we should challenge all theories and ideas in order to prove them correct, and where preferences are concerned, contradiction merely provides for diversity, which is one of our most important evolutionary tools.

Abraham Lincoln is another great American president who placed major importance on education and freedom; one of his best education quotes speaks about the importance of learning from books, and states that a man’s best friend is one who offers them a book they haven’t read before. Whether we take the quote literally or we interpret book to mean “idea” or “opinion” as well, it makes no big difference, because this is yet another quote that teaches us about the importance of keeping an open mind and knowing that life is a continuous lesson, and that we are supposed to learn all the time.

Finally, we want to end with a quote by Oscar Wilde; at a first read, it may seem like this quote is against education, but in fact it suggests the importance of experience and the importance of using one’s intelligence and intuition. The quote says that no matter how admirable education is, some of the things that are most worth knowing cannot be taught; we have to get to them on our own, and we can only understand them truly once we live them. No matter how you look at it, all these personalities knew how important education was and tried to share that with the rest of the people.