The Chronicle of Higher Education – A Special Newspaper

Higher education is usually the last stage in our educations, the last step before we become fully independent adults with our own jobs, homes and responsibilities. Some people have all those responsibilities even during their college or university years, and the truth is a diploma does little in the way of making you feel like an adult. However, society doesn’t yet view you as an adult, but not as a child either; lots of students have to get jobs in order to make ends meet, and lots of students already have well-founded opinions, political preferences and so on. It was only natural then, that they have a newspaper for what interests them, for the things they should and can have access to; that newspaper was (and is) The Chronicle of Higher Education, an American newspaper for American students and not only them.

Basically, there are two Chronicles of Higher Education; one is the newspaper which is published once a week all year round except for winter and summer holidays, and the online newspaper, which publishes articles and other useful information every day. The information that can usually be found in them refers to news about colleges and universities, information about jobs for students, opportunities for extra money or even extra studies, and other important student affairs. The newspaper is based in Washington D.C., a city where the standards for information and journalism are high because it is the place where the White House and all other federal and governmental institutions are based. Thus, even if it is just a newspaper, the Chronicle of Higher Education has high standards for the information they put out there.

The publishable part of the Chronicles of Higher Education is divided in two sections: section A lists jobs and employment opportunities for students, and section B presents info about arts, events, ideas and other interesting things that occur in university campuses. As for its history, the Chronicle was founded quite a long time ago, in 1957, by Johns Hoskins University alumni named Corbin Gwaltney. He had been the editor of Hoskins University’s magazine from 1949, up until he decided to make a better, more complete magazine which interested all students over the country. The main goals of the chronicle back then was to investigate important issues in higher education in an unbiased way; initially, the magazine was called Moonshooter and it would be sold as a supplement for other more important college magazines. In order to support this new supplement, the editors of said magazines promised 60% of profits for the Moonshooters and wouldn’t you know it, they sold over 1.5 million copies.

From then on, it was only an ascendent road for the Chronicles of Higher Education, as its name became in 1966. At the beginning of the sixties, the supplement was already being sold in more than 3 million copies for each number. Gwaltney wanted his newspaper to be not only for the students and teachers, but for the general population as well, so they could find out about what goes on in higher education as well. Initially, the newspaper didn’t have sponsors, nor did it accept advertising, but when the jobs section was included, they accept the advertising because the sponsors would sometimes offer jobs themselves. Moreover, this allowed the newspaper to become independent from a financial point of view.

Today, the newspaper is more successful than ever, and was actually one of the first magazines to be available online as well. It has received numerous awards, and remains one of the best sources of information for students.