What students should know: Pros and cons of pursuing a career in accounting

Any career has its positives and negatives, but the question itself is not if a career is bad or good to pursue, rather that if it is the right career for you. For the right career, people are determined to get over any kind of obstacle, but if it does not suit them, they are more likely to deem it “bad” and seek another path.

If you are determined to pursue an accounting career, you need to be aware of both the challenges and the benefits it can bring, and only then decide if it is, indeed, the right direction for you. Take a look at the pros and cons listed below to help make up your mind.

Benefits of pursuing an accounting career

There are many things you will find interesting about a career in accounting, as it opens the door to many future opportunities and can turn out to be a very fruitful activity:

Clear career path

If you take accounting classes, you will learn practical skills to help with analyzing business costs, crunching numbers, and even understanding employee financial needs. These skills give you a better career path, as opposed to studying English or a foreign language, for example, where career outcomes are harder to determine.

Stable and growing job field

Businesses need people to keep their books, meaning accountants are not going anywhere anytime soon. What’s more, even the average individual needs to hire an accountant in certain situations. In fact, many accounting companies offer their Regnskapstjenester to domestic clients that need help with taxes.

Opportunities for professional growth

After graduation, you can easily find a job at a Regnskapskontor Oslo and stay there until you gain more experience. Then, many students go from junior auditors or assistants to pursue individual careers and even opening up their own accounting firms.

Favorable earning potential

The median annual salary for an accountant was over $69,000 in 2017, and the numbers are only growing. If you compare it against the national median salary, which is $37,040, that’s almost double the money.

Challenges of pursuing an accounting career

Just like any other job, working in accounting does come with some less-appealing factors, such as:

You never stop learning

Learning does not end once you were hired by a Regnskapsbyrå Oslo, as laws and regulations change constantly. Once you graduate, you will need to keep up with changes or even continue education to get certain certifications.

The work can be tedious and repetitive

Accounting is not exactly a glamorous filed, meaning work can sometimes seem dull, as it requires a lot of math and performing repetitive tasks. To see if it is the right job for you, consider interning at an accounting firm and see what an accountant’s day to day job really is like.

Work can be stressful during busy season

Usually, accountants work 9-to-5, but during certain times of the year, their work can become quite intense. This period is usually right after New Year’s up until April 15, which is known to be the federal income tax filing due date.