What to do with your pets when you want to travel

Prices for airfare and hotel rooms may not be cheap, but you can’t resist the urge to go on an adventure. Booking only takes a minute. Travelling allows you to reconnect to what is essential. Rather than visiting a trendy destination, you can go to a place where you can breathe. The question now is: What do you do about your pets? Chances are that you completely forgot about that. You‘ll be leaving your furry friends behind for a long time. Sure, your dog and cat can accompany you on the journey, but you don’t want them to get quarantined. To help you navigate through this difficult situation, we’ve compiled some tips. It’s not necessary to give up on your plans for travelling.

Keep your pets at home and find a trusted sitter

If you’re not going on a long arduous journey, it’s a good idea to leave your best friends at home. It can be a challenge for both you and them because you’ll be missing each other. Nonetheless, you must get over your anxiety and retain a professional pet sitter. You could ask one of your neighbours to keep an eye on your pets, but it’s an imposition. The best thing you can do, if you haven’t made up your mind about whether or not to take your beloved animals to a kennel Gardermoen, is to hire a trusted sitter. You have peace of mind knowing that your dog and cat are in caring, loving hands. They’ll deal with all issues, like vet appointments and grooming issues.

Do a neighborhood pet swap

Here’s an interesting idea: talk to your neighbors about helping each other with your pets. When you’re on vacation, they will take care of your furry friends. Just make sure to leave plenty of fresh food and water. When your neighbor leaves for a couple of weeks, you can return the favor. If none of your neighbors are animal lovers, don’t worry because there are online platforms where pet owners can easily connect. It’s like a private Facebook group. More exactly, nobody else can see what is in the group. There are helpful features such as reviews and city-specific searches. Think about it.

Pet hotel – a perfect choice for loving pet parents

If you want to leave your best friends behind without feeling guilty, book a stay at a pet hotel. There are plenty of reputable establishments, whether we’re talking about a dog hotel or kattehotell. Not only will your furry friends get gourmet room service but also the pet hotel will handle any medical needs your loving pets might have. At the dyreklinikk nittedal, the team of vets is exceptionally trained and can handle any situation. It’s like having your animals stay at the local vet. The only difference is that the facility can accommodate any needs your furry friends might have. Pet hotel staff have a love for animals and your dog and cat will enjoy good company. You don’t have to worry about separation anxiety.